Always Altogether

As people gather around waterholes, we drink from the country and exchange stories of the past. In this piece, the space between the waterholes gives meaning to an ever expansive land which many people will gather but may never have the chance to meet. Yet still, we are connected.

Beyond Love

This piece displays the power of family and growth as they gather at their individual nests. This connection, represented by the journey line that runs through the middle of the artwork is a reminder of all the families that mould you into who you are, and who you will become.


Inspired by the hinterland that overlooks Yugambeh land, this piece soaks up the colours of earth and country. It depicts a land away from the city which is untouched, full of rolling hills and paths that lead nowhere.


The scenery depicted in this piece is filled with intricate animal tracks which navigate through rock and nest formations. As the wildlife gather around this natural landscape and thrive off local waterholes, people witness the offerings to country.

Calm One

As water flows from one hole to another this simple piece inspires wisdom, power and grace and holds memory of all that came before us.