Meaning nest in the Yugambeh language, Jinndi represents a home in nature, somewhere where you are safe and taken care of, and the raising of our young to create a sense of community and belonging.

We are an Indigenous-owned and operated business, with a passion for making our ancient culture and art, accessible every day to everyone.

Much like the Indigenous Australian elders passing on their wisdom through the generations, today every item of Jinndi children’s clothing is authentic, meaningful and made to be handed down to a loved one.⁠

At Jinndi, we believe that it’s everyone’s business to be part of the story and conversation.⁠

⁠Our aim is to have Indigenous art showcased to start conversations in our community, break down barriers, move towards collective healing and create a more inclusive society for all Australians, one children’s clothing item at a time.


Simon is Jinndi’s Co-Founder.

Born and raised in Brisbane – Yuggera Country - He is a proud Yuggera Wuthathi man who has been living on the Gold Coast – Yugembeh Country - for the last 25 years.⁠

Having worked as an Indigenous Mentor and Community Worker for the last 10 years, Simon's passion for connecting his people to country was the driving force that brought Jinndi to life. ⁠

⁠"I am also a proud father and I have recently had another baby girl, Evie, who has given us so much love and inspiration.⁠

⁠I wanted to connect my kids with their culture and heritage and so I, along with my daughter Whitney, created an Indigenous-owned and designed clothing brand that represents that connection to culture."⁠


Whitney is Jinndi’s Co-Founder & Artist.

Raised and based on the Gold Coast - Yugambeh Country -  Whitney is a proud Yuggera and Wuthathi woman.

As a multifaceted artist, she is interested in making art that represents the earth and sky told uniquely through bold landscapes and vibrant colours. Through blending traditional and contemporary aboriginal art, Whitney finds passion in representing her journey and people with acrylic paints, and more recently, through digital artwork.

Jinndi is the next step of her journey...⁠